Youtube SEO 2022: How to make your Youtube videos appear higher

Youtube SEO 2022: How to make your Youtube videos appear higher

In the most recent years, Youtube, online video watching and video marketing in general has been an important factor in the entire digital marketing sector.

With online internet users spending an average of 16 hours a week watching videos on youtube (a rate that has increased by 52% in the last 2 years, from 2020), it is understandable how to promote services, products and ideas via Youtube is now imperative in the internet world.

Below, we will share some simple steps that anyone can follow to make their videos and Youtube channels appear in higher positions in the rankings, enhancing Youtube SEO in general.

Why is Youtube SEO important?

Things are simple. More people with an interest in Youtube videos means a bigger and wider (consumer or not) audience. Thus, by enhancing Youtube SEO you can get more viewers and subscribers, more watch time and therefore make more sales, increasing leads and conversion rate.

Youtube SEO tips to rank higher

Youtube Marketing is now a demanding process for every channel with the aim of attracting an audience, increasing organic traffic and the corresponding views. Follow the tips below and watch your videos climb to the top of the rankings.

Choose the keywords and their position in the Youtube videos

Keywords are also the number one for any SEO process. Choose the keywords that refer to the content of your video and Youtube channel, check the keywords that are most competitive and try to maneuver around them.

Trying to climb to the top of Youtube with highly competitive keywords, rivals the biggest channels in the world, is rather suicidal for your channel.

Take a look at keyword analysis pages, such as Google Keyword Planner, Semrush or even just Google Search, and choose the keywords that will give you the impetus you need, without the competition.

And now, after selecting the necessary keywords, base yourself on the title of the video. On Youtube, the videos that appear to the user in response to his search are countless.

So, in order to make your own video appear in the highest results, you need to include the right keywords in the title of the video. This way, the user will know immediately what the content of the video is about, and youtube will be able to display it to users who search for it with the specific keywords.

Youtuber recording her video in the studio
Youtuber recording her video in the studio

Write a detailed description in each Youtube video

The ranking of videos on youtube is controlled by factors that determine the user experience. One of these factors is the description. What exactly does this mean? When a video has no description at all in the relevant information box (description box), it does not give the user-viewer the conditions for an excellent viewing experience, nor on Youtube the impression of quality content that deserves to rank high.

Write a detailed description in the relevant box under each Youtube video, simple, understandable and everyday language. Give the necessary importance so that the information fully corresponds to the content of the video and does not constitute useless and irrelevant data.

Include the keywords you have chosen at the beginning of the description, choose the dominant keywords that summarize the meaning of your video and use them often but cleverly in the text. Do not overuse it because it will cost you the Youtube ranking.

Include Keywords in the video filename

Uploading a video to Youtube, the file you upload must have a name. In this name, a very smart and simple practice is to put the dominant keywords you have chosen.

This process immediately explains the content of the video on Youtube and is one of the factors that play a very important role in the ranking. In short, if the name of the file includes the keywords in which you want your video to rank, then in the easiest way you increase the chances of actually ranking high, in the relevant keywords.

Subtitle your videos

Simultaneously with the above step, at the same stage of uploading the video on Youtube, do not forget to include a file with the subtitles of what is said in your video.

In this way you enable people who can not hear the audio elements of the video, not to be excluded from the viewing activity. At the same time, through the subtitles, your video may appear in other search engines, since it will have its written version, expanding the audience and increasing the brand awareness of your Youtube channel.

Professional youtuber and vlogger shooting a video at home
Professional youtuber and vlogger shooting a video at home

The Importance of Hashtags and Categories in Youtube Videos

How else can you better explain on Youtube what the video you are uploading is about? Hashtags have long been the easiest way to communicate with both youtube and viewers the content of the video at a glance.

But again, pay attention to where they enter the hashtags. It is best not to include hashtags in the title of the video, but to put them along with the description in the description box. This way, they will appear directly above the title, as a hyperlink and thus enhance Youtube SEO.

At the same time, youtube categories are another way to define and explain your video. When uploading a video, select one of the categories suggested by Youtube and give your videos the “label” they need to be more easily detectable and visible.

Create video thumbnails that impress

Thumbnails are the small images or repetitive short videos that constitute the “cover” of each video. In other words, it is the way you present your video to the viewing audience of youtube and it should be something that pushes the user to click on the video to see it, to like and subscribe.

Create thumbnails that pique interest with intense and “striking” in the eye colors and intense expressions that show emotion, such as sadness, excitement, joy, etc.

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