What is personalized marketing? The importance of personalization in digital marketing

What is personalized marketing? The importance of personalization in digital marketing

Online businesses aim to constantly reach more and more audiences by creating a stable and ever-growing customer base.

The secret to do this is personalization, i.e. the personalized version of each branding and marketing method so that their campaigns are constantly in direct contact with each customer.

Even if you have not heard it as a term yet, personalized marketing exists in every form of digital marketing. From social media and email marketing, to inbound marketing, all campaigns include personalization factors of their methods, in order to provide the coveted “personalized” experience to each user.

But let’s take a look at everything in a little more detail.

What is personalized marketing?

Personalized marketing is essentially the process of providing personalized information based on data analysis and statistics, so that the complete experience offered to the public is ideal for each internet user. Through this, all successful marketing campaigns offer the company’s audience the products that interest each individual consumer.

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How exactly does personalized marketing work?

After analyzing the data that each consumer provides on the internet, a consumer’s profile is formed for each user individually.

In other words, based on other previous web searches or visits to specific websites, based on location data through cookies, data on age, gender and interests, an online consumer persona is formed for each internet user.

This persona can be used by all websites of the web that apply marketing campaigns and want to effectively promote their products or services to their directly interested audience.

But more specifically, through special online tools, a business can even personalize the homepage of its website depending on the user who visits it. And of course not only that. It is possible to provide personalized information to all landing pages, CTAs, newsletters through email marketing, etc.

In this context, there are 3 different categories of “personalization” of a marketing campaign:

  • Behavioral personalization: based on the user’s movements on each website, his response to past campaigns and his contact with the brand in the long run
  • Demographic personalization: follows data such as location, age, occupation, gender, income, etc.
  • Contextual Personalization: achieved by analyzing user data and movements at that particular time

Why is personalized marketing important?

Research has shown that the personalized experience provided through personalized marketing is preferred by the majority of consumers. And why not after all?

Who would want to be confronted with the vast array of information that is being posted on the Internet without any choice in the matter?

Through personalization, the customer receives all the information, all the exact products and services he needs at any given time. This data either concerns him completely or is close to his needs, since everything is based on his preferences. In fact, according to a relevant survey, 90% of online consumers have no problem sharing personal data if this of course means that their web experience will be personalized and tailored to them.

In short, the consumer feels that he is in control of what is happening on his screen and they obviously like it. It automatically evaluates the provision of information that it finds interesting. Thus, each campaign can gain most of its goal only with personalization in marketing, as this facilitates the customer browsing the internet, makes their experience ideal and brings them directly closer to the brand.

With the fast pace of everyday life and the competition becoming more and more intense, personalized marketing is one of the most useful tools for a company that wants to maintain its loyal audience, expand its customer base and always be one step closer to the consumer….consciously knowing what they are constantly looking for.

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