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Website Developement 2021

In the year 2021, perhaps the most necessary tool a company should obtain to optimise the provision of services to its public, is a website and in fact a properly designed one. The significant role that a functionally designed online presence plays for your company hides a dynamic that can launch the business itself and also its success.

Web development that follows a functionally efficient and aesthetically beautiful line, is now becoming the number 1 feature that a site must acquire, whether it is a presentation website or an online store (e-shop). 

Below you will find the reasons why web development is the main tool for promoting your company and why you should take it seriously. 

Apergis-Group Website developed by Devseg
Apergis-Group Website developed by Devseg

New customers through the website

No matter how big and successful a company was years ago, when the internet did not play yet such an important role in the field of marketing, nowadays it can acquire a new active clientele through the internet and its services, thanks to an immediate and structured design of its website. 

Just think of how many people use the internet on a daily basis, both for work and leisure. If it is possible to reach new customers who will provide new momentum and mobility, which company does not want to acquire this new data to get the benefit of increasing the customer base and identifying services and products to them efficiently.  

locca-all about woman Website developed by Devseg
locca-all about woman Website developed by Devseg

Competition with the right website

In order for a business to stand strong and intact nowadays, web development is the most important and crucial solution. The largest companies in the world that currently dominate and determine the competition among other smaller ones, for sure take the utmost care for the proper design of their online presence. And the truth is, on the internet, everyone starts with the same weapons aiming at the top. So, if the competing company has managed to attract a large number of customers through its new, modern and fully functional website, who says you can’t? Anyone who has just started building their company can do so, with the right web design that will pique the audience’s interest and public demand. 

Aktinologiko Website developed by Devseg
Aktinologiko Website developed by Devseg

Advertising through the website

Web development works to your business’ advantage for another reason. It is a permanent and continuous advertisement of your company, services and products that you offer to the public, and in fact, a very cost-effective one compared to other paid advertisements. At the same time, with a functional, modern website and the appropriate content, you are able to attract a large number of visitors, who could be future customers, partners, buyers. 

Steamtuners Website developed by Devseg
Steamtuners Website developed by Devseg

Relationships based on trust

When potential customers / buyers visit a web page for the first time, they treat it as if they get to meet someone new. If this new person looks sloppy, chances are they won’t care to get to know them better. So with websites. If the site looks old, abandoned and boring, how will they trust the company it represents to make their online purchases, since it is the biggest trend of the time?

When a customer, young and available to collaborate and take the advantages of online services, sees a dull and not completely unattractive web design, or worse, no website at all, he automatically feels that he as a client will be treated the same way negligibly.

On the other hand, if your site has the appropriate tools that make it easier for the visitor to browse and it is designed with modern and pioneering aesthetics and style, then it shows the company’s interest in digital marketing and influences the visitor to visit it again, to trust it, to promote it to other potential visitors and ultimately to contribute to the popularity and growth of the business. 

Now that we believe you are convinced on the importance of creating a company’s website in 2021, we will briefly mention the significance of good web design, in order to be sure that you will get the desired successful results. 

Happy and cheerful people checking a cool website
Happy and cheerful people checking a cool website

First impression 

Research has shown that customers who visit a website take specific note of the website’s design (consciously or unconsciously). More specifically, according to statistics, the impression made to a reader / visitor of a website, is mainly determined by the design of the content (94%) and slightly from the actual content itself and how interesting it might be (6%).

At the same time, each visitor needs only 50 milliseconds to form a first impression of a site. 

 If in this minimal period of time, they do not find something that they like or find interesting they will simply leave. So, if the first impression given to the visitor of the site, disappoints them and eventually leads him to close that tab. This negative impression will have an impact not only on the website traffic, but also on the company itself. Along with the proper design of your website that will be able to reach potential customers and contribute to a successful business path, a very advantageous and useful practice is to often get informed through Google analytics about the rates and data of your website, such as the dropout rate or the average “dwell time” of site visitors.  

In conclusion – Website Developement 2021

Web development is an extremely essential tool for your company in 2021. The reasons for that are majorly crucial and all those who aim at a successful and efficient business path in digital marketing should only consider them solemnly. Web development is the feeder that will work for the benefit of the website and gradually with the right steps and methods can lead to great popularity. Nowadays that every home or office has at least one internet connection device, a cleverly designed website is the best way to advertise and promote your company. Do you want to fall behind or manage to keep up?

Digital Marketing Team with social media and digital experts
digital marketing, web development and web design solutions by devseg

Our article doesn’t end here

As we have already pointed out, a particularly important method for every website and online store of your business, is the constant and systematic updating of its content, even if it has not yet reached the size you want. The important thing is to often post new material and then you can enrich it with new data and relevant information.

This is exactly what we do! We update the content of our site very often and it is not unlikely that when you visit our website again you will find new information and data in all of our articles – as in this one!

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