The Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Copywriting Tips of 2021

The Best SEO / Search Engine Optimization copywriting Tips of 2021 for a successfull website

We have already discussed several times how important SEO is for a website. Without it, your site will appear in the last pages of the search engines, with no hope of raising its rankings and gaining the visitors it seeks. 

Among the most important steps one must follow in order to enhance the SEO of their website, is to invest in its content, with emphasis on the texts that make it up. 

Below, we will indicate the methods that will help you so that the texts and content of your website contribute to SEO / Search engine optimization and increase the chances for better rankings in the search engine results. 

Cool SEO image for a great website

Preparation for SEO

In this first step of writing texts that will trigger the success of your website both to the audience and in the search engines, the most substantial and basic preparation shall be carried out. 

Before you start writing the article you want, consider the topic you will be working on. You may already have in mind what you want to share with your website visitors, but it is best not to rush. 

Research for SEO

The best way to plan your text is to spend some time doing research for the topic. Open all your sources, electronic or not, start reading in order to be inspired and take notes to make sure that you will not forget anything notable. 

Keywords for SEO

Use relevant and powerful keywords that match the content and the theme you have chosen, both in the title and scattered throughout your text. But be careful! Excessive use of keywords (keyword stuffing) might bring the opposite results from the desired, in terms of SEO. Keywords must be incorporated in a clever and  natural way into the text so that there is cohesion and they do not disturb the consistency of the article. You can use blog tags with the keywords that interest you, so you do not have to repeat them that often in your text. 

keyword for SEO

Speak to your audience 

One of the most common mistakes made by those who attempt to write texts for websites, is that they write regardless of the services or products offered by the company and the topics of their articles do not gain the interest of the readers. It’s true, not all posts need to be related to specific services, but they all need to be in line with the business and the audience they need to attract. The truth is somewhere in the middle. The content should be interesting and smart to reach visitors and readers, not just be on the website so that it is full of texts and information, which are essentially meaningless. Only with the right and informative textual content will you have the SEO results you desire. Do some research on what your readers are interested in and start writing articles about the answers to their questions and what best promotes your product. 

Writing session 

And just like that, following the steps mentioned above, you got the point of writing the text that will enhance the SEO of your website and will attract the number of visitors you are looking for. But even now, the methods you need to apply are specific to smartly obtain the content that will bring you success.  

Young man's hands typing on an antique vintage typewriter
Preparing on an antique vintage typewriter to write SEO content

SEO Structure 

At this point, you have to make sure your text has the right structure. More specifically, you need to put it together in a context that will pique the reader’s interest quickly, will fit aesthetically and functionally in your website and will not be a chaotic storm of info. The framework of your text must be clear, so that the reader can immediately process the information you provide and easily understand the meaning. 

With this practice, you increase the chances that the visitor will spend more time on your website, make purchases and even share your content with others, since it will be crystal clear, simple and targeted. 

Images are great for SEO

Visualising your text is all about the content that will boost the SEO of your entire website. When a visitor starts reading a pool of information related to a subject, they need visual and semantic breaks, that you can apply by incorporating images in your article. At the same time, the use of images creates a pleasant, beautiful and friendly environment on your website that will make the best impression on new visitors. 

SEO tip: You can post images from your articles on social media, increasing the chances of raising traffic to your site. 

Cup of hot coffee on violet table, close up photo knitted sweater with mug
Cup of hot coffee on violet table, nothing to do with Search engine optimization but makes it look cool

SEO Headlines 

Smart titles are one of the most important elements your text must have in order to be effective and contribute to the SEO of your entire website. They give briefly the meaning of the content and visitors focus on them most. The title and the meta-description (which we analysed in a previous article) are the information that will appear in the search engines’ results, so they should be clear in order to attract as many readers as possible. 

Editing / Promoting Content 

Once you have completed the writing of your text, you have made sure it is completely clear and understandable and includes all the information that you initially wanted to share with the website visitors, it is time to apply the latest practices that will help you increase traffic to your site and aim for better rankings. 

Social media 

Social media is the most powerful tool you have, in 2021, to promote your content promptly to a large number of interested internet users. The more active you are, the better, as this shows the audience that you are truly interested in the content you promote and the services and products you provide/ This creates a remarkable profile of a trusted professional. Post each of your articles on social media and challenge your followers to repost it and share it with their own audience. 

Social media addiction
Social media sharing of SEO Articles

Google analytics 

When it comes to SEO, we know it is a gradual, difficult, time consuming and unpredictable process. So, is there anything more useful, than a service through which you can monitor data such as the traffic of your website, the time visitors spend looking at your content, the percentage of re-viewing specific articles and posts, interactions etc.? Google provides this feature for free and it is probably one of the most essential services you can use to track traffic, text success rates and thus optimise your organic content. 

In conclusion

Writing the right articles that will enhance the SEO of your website is a multi-step process that needs to be done diligently and strategically for optimal results. If you want to create content that will reach visitors, increase traffic rates, modify the website’s rankings and skyrocket the company’s success, the solution lies in clever copywriting and promoting content for the SEO results that everyone desires for their website. 

Our article doesn’t end here

As we have already pointed out, a particularly important method for every website and online store of your business, is the constant and systematic updating of its content, even if it has not yet reached the size you want. The important thing is to often post new material and then you can enrich it with new data and relevant information.

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