Why social media marketing is so important for your business 2020

Why social media marketing is so important for your business 2020

We often hear about social media but what is it really?

How will it help my brand grow? 

Is digital marketing relevant in my industry?

Social media marketing is designed to reach wider audiences in a useful, and entertaining way and help those potential customers, to get to know and engage with your business

If you are interested in reaching your brand’s full potential and reaching wider audiences full of potential customers, keep reading this article!

group using social Media
Social Media Marketing

Here are some of the reasons why Digital marketing is so important for your business 

Social media marketing will bring you more sales

Regardless of what you sell, social media marketing can sell it for you.

As the number of people using social media like Facebook, twitter and instagram grows factorialy and ecommerce tools evolve, digital platforms will become extremely crucial for ecommerce. The time for you to coordinate your sales goals with your social media marketing is now.

Obviously, by staying in front of your customer base and engaging with them frequently, they’re more likely to buy from you, but increased brand presence is barely scratching the surface of what social media marketing does for your business!

Digital Marketing and social media
Digital Marekting and Social Media

The exposure of your business from a Digital campaign will help increase your sales, bring your brand to light to a wider audience and increase your reach by them talking about your product or service.

Interacting with your customer base forms a bond of trust with them, illustrates your interest for your customers experience with your business, increasing the chances of them visiting your website and making a purchase. 

All without ever asking anyone to buy!

Social media marketing increases your authority in your industry.

Customers are increasingly savvier and more perceptive about which businesses they support. Before deciding, they’ll search for your digital presence.

Will there be a rich source of information or an empty profile to be found? Having a strong digital presence with quality, relevant content will boost your brand’s authority and make sure you make a good first impression through your creative content.

No matter the tone, formal, friendly, casual, funny just be true to your character because that’s the profile you can back up and that’s the profile your followers want to see.The Real people behind the company. Trust me.

Using social media for business boosts your site’s Search engine optimization (SEO).

Every competent digital marketing specialist knows that there is some connection between social media and search engine optimization SEO.

Search engine Optimization specialist
Search engine Optimization and social Media
Social media posts give reason to the public to find your fresh content and browse through your website.

And because those posts will primarily show up in the feeds of followers and people interested in your product, that traffic is certainly very targeted (quality traffic).

Google knows which pages are gaining traffic consistently and which are just staying forgotten out there. 

Although your awesome content strategy is the most crucial  factor in your search rankings, leading traffic to your optimized pages will cause them to gain authority and rank higher much faster.

Most of the time, this can be done just by re-sharing (Recycling) your old content (as well as posting your fresh content when it goes live). We recommend each post be re-shared twice a year

There’s so much potential Search engine optimization SEO value to be gained through social media

In addition to the SEO value generated from creating quality backlinks to your brand’s website, social media also sends relevancy signals to search engines like Google to ensure quality content is easily visible and shareable to the right audience, which also generates tons of SEO value 

Digital Marketing Team with social media and digital experts
Digital Marketing Team


Digital marketing is a tool. All you need is the correct strategy and your business will definitely start gaining from it. With just some creativity you can achieve marketing goals with less resources.

 If you still wonder how to make the most of Digital platforms, get in touch with us and we can either consult you on how to market your business properly, or we can take over and create a marketing campaign for you.

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