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Your website should drive engagement and inspire action


There should be a clear understanding of the main goal of e-Commerce pages: your shop must sell


Cards, Leaflets, Labels, Roll Ups, Flags, T-shirt, Porsters, etc

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Point of Sale
Complete solutions for Point of Sale systems without monthly fees!
Multi Social Software
Manage all your social networking site (fb, instagram, twitter) in one place

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Your website should drive engagement and inspire action. When your competition is just a click away, inspiring someone to become your customer demands design & content that is immediately relevant to your website visitor. Our experienced web design team will craft a fresh, creative and professional website for your business.

Design revisions

Your website is your face on the Internet and your customers make judgements about your business by looking at your website. Therefore we pay a great deal of attention to the designing process to create one that truly impresses your customers.

Unlimited no. of pages

Express yourself with as many as pages as you wish on your website. If your business has complex or loads of information that you need to communicate to your customers, this feature will help you properly organize important information on your website without cluttering it on a few pages.

Mobile Responsive Website

Up to 40% of visits on your website are going to be from mobile devices. Get a mobile responsive website compatible with Android, iPhone & mobile platforms.

Automated Slideshow

Add a Banner on Home Page with rotating/moving images. It adds to the visual and aesthetic appeal of your website, thus increasing the traffic/conversion.

Unlimited enquiry forms

One of the most important purposes of your website is to generate leads. Therefore we will create unlimited enquiry forms as per your requirement.

Blog Integration

Have an interesting article or news update to share with your customers/clients? Write it on your Blog.

Social Media Links

Make it easy for your customers to share information with others. This will increase your brand awareness online. If you don’€™t already have social media accounts, we will assist you in setting them up.

Google Analytics Setup

Understanding your customers is vital. Google Analytics helps analyze your website traffic data to determine where your website visitors are coming from, what they like or dislike on your website, how often they visit your website and much more.

SEO Friendly pages

Your beautiful website might be costing you a lot of money in the form of lost revenue if it isn’t SEO friendly. We understand what elements search engines examine and how these elements affect your website ranking. We will follow a methodology to create SEO friendly web pages such as researching high traffic keywords, optimizing Meta Tags and much more.

Blog Integration

Have an interesting article or news update to share with your customers/clients? Write it on your Blog.


Online Abandonment is when a customer adds items to his/her shopping cart but exits before making a purchase. It is one of the biggest challenges for an online store. Running a good e-commerce website requires several general essentials. Many online stores are designed without a thought on making a sale. They look attractive but are not conversion driven to make sales. There should be a clear understanding of the main goal of e-Commerce pages: your shop must sell. Your e-commerce store should clearly show the advantages of your products, and make your visitors trust you before they make a decision and commit to a transaction.

An ecommerce platform lets you expand your reach, so you can sell your products or services around the globe. You will have access to a much wider audience than by engaging solely with local buyers.

Your business can operate around the clock, giving you 24/7 access to your customer base. Customers will be able to engage with you at any time of the day or night, not just during regular business hours.

You will enjoy a superior conversion rate through a dedicated ecommerce website design than via a non-commercially optimized site. Showcase your products and services, create vibrant descriptions that sell, and offer your customer a complete suite of shopping functionality.

When your customers make purchases online, you can easily capture their data to further your marketing efforts.

With an ecommerce site, you can easily highlight the products and services you want to showcase, making them even more attractive to buyers. You’ll then be able to tailor your promotional efforts to those areas of greatest value.

Below is a list of e-commerce features we offer. Our e-commerce websites cover interactive features, sales tools, reporting tools, order management, and very easy to use and scalable content management system.

Website Management

  • Admin permission system for employees
  • Tax rates option
  • CAPTCHA to prevent spam


Order Management

  • View, edit, create and fulfil orders from Admin panel
  • Print invoices/orders
  • Create new customers from backend


Customer Accounts

  • Account Dashboard
  • Wishlist
  • Order status and history
  • Email notifications
  • Billing and shipping address

Products and categories

  • Configure products with size, price, colours etc
  • Multiple images per product option
  • Product image zoom in capability
  • Related Products and upsell
  • Stock Availability
  • Filter products by price, latest or other possible attributes
  • Flat rate and Free shipping option


Analytics and Reporting

  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Admin dashboard for report overview
  • Abandoned shopping cart report



  • Search engine friendly website structure
  • Google site map
  • Search engine friendly url’s

Checkout, Payment and shipping

  • One page checkout option
  • Guest checkout option
  • Checkout with customer account
  • Option for account creation at beginning of checkout
  • Integration with payment gateways like paypal


Customer Service

  • Contact us form
  • Password reset email for users
  • Password reset email from Admin panel
  • Order and account update emails

Intergrate a POS system on your site and sell everything at your store and online. No monthly fees, no need to update stock, load orders, cash managment, barcode scanning, print barcodes of your products and many more

*This feature is configured on customers demand, not included by default in E-commerce Development and charged independently.

Start chatting with your website visitors, the best way to help your customers. It’s much faster than email and way more efficient than phone. Don’t make your customers leave frustrated!

Have you ever been shopping on an online shop? Of course, but for sure you had a question about a product! Without Live Chat you have the option to contact the owner by email and wait and wait and wait or sometimes you will find a phone number to call, yeah, but you wait in the line or nobody answers. It is time to help your online visitors and increase sales with simply answer the question right when they pop up.

*This feature is configured on customers demand, not included by default in E-commerce Development and charged independently

Product Designer will enable you and your customers to design and customize any kind of product. Limited only by your imagination it gives you absolute freedom in deciding which products and which parts of the product can be customized.

*This feature is configured on customers demand, not included by default in E-commerce Development and charged independently


Whether is a logo, a card or a sign, our graphic designer can deliver high quality designs that fit the customer’s aesthetics.
Depending on your needs we also undertake the production.