New SEO gamechanger Google Algorithm update of May 2021

This Google Algorithm update will change what most webmasters think about seo

2021 is here and holds a lot of important changes and updates in terms of algorithms that Google uses for the fairest and most qualitative ranking of websites in its results.

According to the new Google announcements , May 2021 is the date when the quality of content and pages visited by users will play the biggest role in the ranking of web pages. In short, the landing page experience is slowly showing its great value and now, in combination with other individual factors, will be the core of the evaluation of all websites.

Google Ranking

Google, being the largest search engine in the world, from the beginning of its operation and dominance until today, in 2021, uses specific algorithms with which it evaluates and ranks information and websites in its google search results.

Given that, in recent years, Google makes several changes each year in order to offer the best and highest quality google results to its online audience.

Although most of the modifications are often small and unnoticed, from time to time Google decides to implement changes that really alter the general way search engines work.

What changes is Google implementing to its algorithms?

Recently, based on Google’s own decisions and updates, it has been announced that the current algorithms that Google mainly followed in order to classify web results in its own web environment, are changing again.

From May 2021, therefore, Google will implement a series of different dominant algorithms, with the aim of offering their internet users the most reliable and compatible answers and solutions to the content of their searches.

Below, we will analyze in detail what we exactly mean by mentioning the Google algorithms and also what really changes in the way Google ranks websites from mid-2021. 

google seo knowhow with devseg logo concept for the new  update of 2021
google seo knowhow with devseg logo concept for the new update of 2021

What exactly are Google algorithms?

In essence, Google has one main goal: to provide the best and most targeted answers to its countless users worldwide.

More specifically, in order to be systematically the largest and most reliable search engine for all Internet users, Google utilizes a series of algorithms that help it analyze, examine and evaluate in depth the overall quality, usefulness and the whole content of web pages published in the digital environment. This way, Google manages to single out the best quality websites so that it can recommend them directly and quickly to its online audience, as the answers they are looking for through google searches.

According to the relevant information that Google itself has published and provided, its algorithm series consider a variety of factors, such as search keywords, the quality of websites and the sources from which it is enhanced and certified, the search location, the speed of the pages, the settings of the devices from which users make a google search etc.

What SEO changes is Google preparing in its algorithms for the update of may 2021?

Starting in May 2021, as we mentioned above, Google algorithms are changing again with modifications that will undoubtedly disrupt the way your website will rank in users’ search results.

Below, we will analyze the algorithm upgrades for 2021, ranking them based on their weight and value, as defined by Google itself.

Content update

A top factor in the high ranking and quality of a website, according to Google algorithms, is the constant and systematic updating and addition of new content. Based on the changes that will be soon implemented, the update of  relevant content of a website will indeed be of great importance, up to 26%, in terms of examining the quality of each website. In fact, special importance and value will be given to websites that publish new content relevant to their domain subject, on a very frequent basis (2 times a week). 

Content is King message on paper in old typewriter concept for seo
Content is King message on paper in old typewriter concept for the new seo google update of 2021

Keywords in meta title tags

In the new 2021 upgrades, the title tag of each website should include the appropriate keywords, if you want your site to rank high, in the first places of Google results. The addition of keywords to the respective title tag will be essentially a prerequisite for a remarkable and desired ranking.


We have already discussed the importance of backlinks for SEO and high ranking of a website. Now, it is strongly proven that Google pays great attention to these hyperlinks, when and if they are quality and useful for the sitel. In Google’s algorithms, in the 2021 upgrades, backlinks will be the third most important factor among all the others that will greatly affect the rankings of a website.

Internal links

As important as backlinks, internal links will be crucial for Google. These internal links practically merge pages of your website to other relevant ones of your own site around specific targeted keywords. These internal links will be a tangible proof of the value and quality of each website that specializes in specific items and offers the public a variety of pages with the same keywords.

Mobile friendly websites 

In 2021, any website that has not yet taken care to configure its website so that it is accessible and easy to use for any user who visits it from a mobile device, will certainly not be able to evolve and gain a high position in Google search results. According to the new upgrades of May 2021, designing a website for easy and functional use of mobile phones should be a priority as opposed to computer functions that will gradually cease to be that necessary. With simple design, functionality and mobile usability, a website will have a solid foundation to rank high in Google results for the keywords it desires.

Time spent on a website

Along with other visitor-related factors that influence a website’s ranking in Google search results, the time a visitor stays in a website’s digital space has a particular impact on the rankings that your website is likely to achieve.

Combined with the number one factor in Google’s algorithms, systematic content updates, the percentage of time a website collects from its visitors, is for Google the greatest proof of a website’s quality.

Fast page loading

As important as it is for an internet user to visit a site that quickly loads its pages and content, fast page loading is just as crucial for Google as it wants to offer its users the best web browsing experiences. Thus, in the upgrades of Google algorithms for 2021, it is clear that websites that display their content quickly, without delays and difficulties and offer smooth and quality browsing conditions, will definitely get Google’s attention for ranking high in its results. 

bus , moving fast as a concept for fast load page speed for the new seo google update of 2021
bus , moving fast as a concept for fast load page speed for the new seo google update of 2021

SSL Certification

The safety of internet users is a priority for Google, which dominates the internet as the largest and most reliable search engine. Thus, based on its new upgrades, for the high ranking of a website in its results, the security a site offers to its visitors and the data they register in its environment, play a significant role. In short, an SSL certificate that demonstrates protection against malicious hackers is what every website needs to gain for security and trust from both users and Google.

not secure website connection for the new seo google update of 2021
not secure website connection for the new seo google update of 2021

References without hyperlinks

Very often, in recent years, in terms of backlinks and hyperlinks that merge different sites, there is the question of whether Google takes into account the reports of web pages that are not accompanied by hyperlinks. According to the new data and announcements in Google algorithms for 2021, these reports will be a small but quite significant indicator for the quality and deserved ranking of a website.

Schema markup and Keywords

According to the changing factors of Google algorithms for 2021, the schema markup and the relevant keywords in a website’s descriptions,  title and URL link will certainly strengthen the site’s authority. Given that, in combination with all the other data analyzed, each website will be able to launch its success and rank high in the first places of Google results. 

Google algorithms in a nutshell

Google’s web analytics and ranking system, its algorithms, are constantly evolving to provide the highest quality and most targeted responses to users’ google searches. In May 2021, algorithm upgrades come to shake the waters and modify many of the most established features that many websites have been using on a systematic basis in the last years. What is certain is that Google strives to ensure that these algorithms meet high standards of quality and meritocracy in order to maintain its position as the best search engine for a long time to come.

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