SEO Case Study: How we increased impressions by over 3000% for our client in 4 months

SEO Case Study: How we increased impressions by over 3000% for our client in 4 months

If you have ever dealt with digital marketing and seo, you have definitely heard statements such as:

SEO brings tremendous results

If you do not use SEO, then what do you do? Οnly advertising?

And if you only focus on advertising, how much do you think it costs without SEO?

It’s about time we prove that the above statements are more than true.

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SEO: the beginning

Ever since we started specializing in Search Engine Optimization and the methods that give the most powerful results to any business, we have realised its importance and value for every page that strives to get to the surface of the internet.

A new campaign

In November 2020, we started our partnership with a new client and almost immediately we started following Search Engine Optimization services on his website.

At that time, the website was already in its fourth year of operation and although the company already had a small blog since 2018, its impressions were still below 200, on average.

It is important to mention that the website’s field is one of the most competitive industries on the internet, with many competing sites making continuous improvements to popular and relevant keywords. Given that, it was impossible for it to bring results on its own, without SEO, only based on its non-systematic posts without a specific strategy.

Businessmen analyze data with tablet and graphs from seo campaign

SEO: the results

At first, at the end of November 2020, we started offering consulting services, in the context of which we suggested small improvements that could be made, such as alternative text in the photos and improvements on how each page guides the users to the desired result.

At the beginning of January 2021, we took over the entire site and the copywriting of the blog. The client just read the articles and gave us concise and simple instructions on details of the industry and the subject that he wanted to emphasize.

With systematic applications of various SEO practices, with constant controls of the percentages and data collected by the page, with modifications of the strategies for the maximum results where it was once lagging behind, we managed to give our client what we guaranteed: launching the success of his website through Search Engine Optimization.

What are Impressions?

With the term “impressions”, we mean the statistics of the measurement of the digital views of a web page. In short, impressions are essentially the views of a web page on the search engines’ results. Every time your content (ad, post, page) appears to users, there is an impression.

Indeed, within a period of 4 months, the page started to collect over 4000 impressions per day and this number grows by the day.

Take a look on the results in the following graphs:

devseg's client search console impressions performance by search engine optimization seo as a case study proof

As it is easily shown in this graph, the moment we started working on the specific project applying faithfully and in combination Search Engine Optimization methods, the growth was (and continues to be) vertical.

And this is some new data with a top impression rate of 6453:

And this is some new data with a top impression rate of 6453

Specifically, from where it recorded only 170 impressions on average per day, it came to collect an average of 5314 impressions daily, with an increase of up to 3126%.

And of course, these results are only organic results, without advertising agents, without referrals through social media.

It is important to emphasize that the client gave us full control of the site and the blog. He knew from the beginning what he wanted, he shared with us the required information and we were able to provide a complete package of white hat SEO, on-page and off-page to design the most ideal campaign and gather the results we wanted for creating this case study.

Click Through Rate through SEO

“If you want to drive more targeted customers to your site, you have to increase your click-through rate”

Neil Patel says in one of his articles.

And we are listening.

From December 2020, when we started our cooperation, until today, we continuously follow SEO support strategies for this specific website, gathering, as we saw in the above graph, important data of success.

In the same context, along with the number of impressions that increased sharply by over 3000%, within four months, our client’s website started to collect dynamic traffic rates, with the Click through Rate reaching over 45%, in only highly competitive keywords.

devseg's client search console click throught rate ctr by search engine optimization seo as a case study proof

What we actually focused on, is the titles. We created attractive and interesting titles, as what matters is the impression they will make on each user. Thus, with the titles of the blog, we managed to increase the ctr (click through rate) percentages for each page of our client’s website, reaching 45.9%.

Many companies make the mistake of basing their titles only on the keywords they choose and get largely limited by it. They themselves damage their success.

Think-about-what-a-user-is-going-to-type seo quote by matt cutts

Our goal is to get people interested in our article and not just put it on the front page, without the corresponding traffic.

Attractive titles that gain the interest of users and at the same time are completely relevant to the content they present, play a crucial role in enhancing a website’s success, as they directly reach the audience and are compatible with Google’s quality standards – they are, in short, SEO friendly.

How did we do it?

When we talk about SEO and the practices that are key to the success of any website, as in our fully detailed relevant article on Search Engine Optimization, we constantly shed light on the importance and value of quality content.

And that’s not a lie – this is where we started focusing some of our own SEO strategies on, in order to enhance the success of our client’s website and get his page to appear high in search engine results.

The importance of SEO content

According to Google, quality content that is relevant to the company’s industry, that incorporates the appropriate use of multiple keywords, that attracts the ideal audience and is constantly updated, is the foundation required to start a business’ success , through SEO practices.

A company’s website is the showcase through which it presents its content (products and services) to the public and the customers. In order to be able to convince its interested audience that what it promotes is the best of all the other products presented by the competing showcases, what it needs is dynamic content. And only with SEO can you achieve that.

Give-them-quality.-Thats-the-best-kind-of-advertising seo quote

SEO: the sequel

The data we shared about the impressions and the click through rate of our client’s website, yes, will undoubtedly impress some of you.

But, in our opinion, it is still too early for that.

The over 3000% increase in impressions is just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities through Search Engine Optimization are inexhaustible and the success of our client’s blog is expected – and we know it is possible – to reach even higher levels, which we will gradually record in this article.

In the field of internet with careful, methodical and combined Search Engine Optimization strategy, everything is possible. And yet, SEO is not rocket science – it is the rocket that will take your website’s success to the next level.

SEO-is-not-rocket-science-it-is-the-rocket-that-will-take-your-websites-success-to-the-next-level quote by lida katsoulou

Our article doesn’t end here

As we have already pointed out, a particularly important method for every website and online store of your business, is the constant and systematic updating of its content, even if it has not yet reached the size you want. The important thing is to often post new material and then you can enrich it with new data and relevant information.

This is exactly what we do! We update the content of our site very often and it is highly likely that when you visit our website again you will find other useful information and data in our other articles – as in this one!

In order to see the new content we upload for our loyal readers and to learn about the best articles in the field of marketing, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and we will make sure to inform you as soon as we publish something new!

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