Why you should post more in your website for Better SEO Results

Why you should post more in your website for Better SEO Results

The constant engagement and updating of your site’s content, the systematic posting of articles, images and videos practically contribute to the enhancement of your website’s SEO.

Research has shown that web pages with more and higher quality content than others, have the highest chances of ranking high in the search engines results. 

According to data that Google has chosen to share with the public, about the practices that it follows in order to rank the websites in its results, the continuous and quality updating of a website’s content is definitely rewarded. For example, if you have a website where you are constantly improving and modifying your content with new elements and data, this works in your favor. 

In short, Google distinguishes websites that show active and systematic updating, downgrading those with old content that is not updated and does not change based on the requirements of internet users. A website that looks abandoned will certainly not gain the benefits it might otherwise have gained.

Smart Content for SEO
Smart Content for SEO

What are the benefits of constantly updating the content of my website?

As we have previously said, Google strives to find the best websites in order to rank them higher in their results and give users what they are looking for. So, when the content of your site is constantly modified and improved, you are one step closer to the quality results that Google is looking for in order to give the most appropriate and most ideal answers to the users’ searches.

At the same time, when you publish new content on your site, it means that you use more keywords, with proper use and density, scattered in more than one article. This way, Google’s “crawlers” crawl your site easily and more quickly and you are given the opportunity to make your website rank for more keywords.

Also, when a site gets updated with new, interesting and quality content, it increases the chances of its visitors to stay for a longer period of time in its digital environment, contributing to the increase of user retention rates on the site (Average Session Duration).

How can I easily update the content of my website?

For SEO, the constant addition of content plays a key role in order to show both Google and visitors how active a website is.

The best and most effective method you can follow to get your site constantly enriched is to start with small texts and gradually add additional information or improve the already published ones for each product or service you offer.

Why is this important for SEO?

Because when you post new content on any website, it takes time for it to be analyzed and ranked by Google in its results.

So when Google analyzes and saves your original articles you save time in subsequent updates, as it will take much less time to improve the already saved text and your optimised content will rank faster in the search engines’ results.

Our article doesn’t end here

As we have already pointed out, a particularly important method for every website and online store of your business, is the constant and systematic updating of its content, even if it has not yet reached the size you want. The important thing is to often post new material and then you can enrich it with new data and relevant information.

This is exactly what we do! We update the content of our site very often and it is not unlikely that when you visit our website again you will find new information and data in all of our articles – as in this one!

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