Page Authority: what it is, why it’s important for SEO and tips for 2022

Page Authority: what it is, why it’s important for SEO and tips for 2022

Anyone who deals with digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization and web development in general, knows that there are many factors that determine the rankings in Google.

And yes, you may think that you have implemented a campaign that includes every little detail, but do you know who can tell you right away if your actions are effective?

Page Authority metrics! You may have heard it, you may also have calculated it for your site, but do you know all the basics that Page Authority (PA) indicates for a website and play a direct role in ranking Google results?

Let’s see below the most frequently asked questions about Page Authority, its importance for websites and their SEO and how to enhance it in 2022.

What is Page Authority?

First, let’s clarify the basics. Many people have an online business and even today they do not know what Page Authority is. To give an answer, Page Authority is a rating, a metric, created by the marketing analytics company Moz. Based on analytics, any page is evaluated and gets a PA rating as an indicator of the chances of it appearing high in search engine results.

How is PA calculated / How does the Page Authority (PA) work?

To determine the Page Authority of a particular page, Moz takes into account about 40 different factors. Backlinks, content, traffic, user experience etc. are some of the data that Moz collects and analyzes as evidence.

The higher the quality of these indicators, the higher the score, ie the Page Authority of the page. The rating ranges from 0 to 100 and of course pages with a score higher than 80% are considered extremely high quality with a high chance of securing a place in the top search engine results.

Above top desk of SME owner people home office call talk in SEO chart sale report
Above top desk of SME owner people home office call talk in SEO chart sale report

Is Page Authority a Google Analytics metric?

No. It is important to note that Page Authority as well as Domain Authority are not formal rating factors that Google takes into account. Although they use algorithms similar to those of Google, Page and Domain Authority are rankings that help pages and sites optimize informally for better SERPs performance.

What is the difference between Page Authority and Domain Authority?

As we mentioned in our previous article on Search Engine Optimization, Page Authority and Domain Authority are two different facts. Both are metrics from marketing analytics company Moz, but one concerns individual pages, while the other relates to the sites as a whole.

More specifically, Domain Authority (DA) is the rating given to an entire domain, while Page Authority (PA) is the measurement of a single page (sub-domains). Because just one domain consists of many subdomains, the main practice is to pay attention to the PAs of the pages in order to increase the DA, as a result of changes and improvements in the subdomains.

What’s the Importance of Page Authority for SEO?

Typically, Page Authority has nothing to do with SEO. Why; Because as we have said, PA is not a ranking officially given by Google, nor is it taken into account in the final ranking of results.

And yet, Page Authority plays a very important role for SEO. How is this happening?

Moz’s algorithm, which evaluates, judges and determines the PAs of pages, mimics Google’s algorithms. Based on the data that Google uses to evaluate sites and pages, MozBar uses the same data to give valid ratings that correspond to reality. Or at least Google’s reality.

In simpler terms, by measuring the Page Authority of a page on your site you can determine if it has optimised SEO. In other words, you can see which points can be improved and which are already at a very good level.

All of this data serves as “hints” as to which areas of your pages are of high quality and contributes to enhanced SEO, although they are not direct quality data for Google.

handsome young seo manager using smartphone and computer at workplace
handsome young seo manager using smartphone and computer at workplace

Tips for enhanced Page Authority in 2022

  • Smart, small and interesting domain name
  • Quality content. Interesting content attracts users, boosts traffic and ultimately helps finding reliable backlinks
  • Backlinks from reputable sites. Choose sources with quality content and reliable data
  • Exclusion and removal of harmful internal links
  • Avoid black-hat SEO practices. They reduce the Page Authority, the Domain Authority, they generally harm the SEO of the page and they may be the reason why Google might block you from your online audience.
  • Focus on On-page SEO practices
  • Social Media Marketing. Republishing content on different social media channels to increase traffic and brand engagement 
  • Analysis of old content. The low Page Authority on old and forgotten pages is something that needs to be modified to strengthen the Domain Authority.
  • Competition analysis. The MozBar tool allows you to control the Page Authority and Domain Authority of any site, even if it is not your own. Take advantage of this opportunity to check the data of competing pages and give a basis to surpass them dynamically in the disadvantaged areas. 
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