Instagram Marketing: The best tips and trends for your business strategy on instagram in 2022

Instagram Marketing: The best tips and trends for your business strategy on instagram in 2022

For years, Instagram has been probably the most popular social media platform, with about 1 billion active users – visitors per month, and 500 million per day!

Truth is that instagram will continue to be in our lives for a long time, while any new business that wants to evolve should be immediately involved with Instagram Marketing.

Let’s see below the trends you need to follow for a successful instagram marketing campaign for 2022.

Automated Answers on Instagram

It’s a thing. And although it’s still early, it’s time for you to get involved before everyone else’s done it. By automating some instagram functions you save not only time, but also leads, traffic, followers and so on.

How is this done?

Through a platform, such as MobileMonkey, you can create communication channels very often with your audience.

Imagine being able to respond to everyone who mentions your business in their stories.

Imagine being able to respond to your business DMs directly as soon as you receive them and refer the audience to some interesting content on your profile, until you find the time to respond normally to the DM problem or comment.

Imagine being able to automate your posts, your responses to comments and all that with targeted practices, without looking like spam. 

Yes, it is possible. And it is one of the most useful tools that every business should use on instagram for direct, even formal, communication with its audience.

Neil Patel does it, why not you?

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Influencer Marketing in 2022

2022 will be the year of influencer marketing, much more than 2021. Don’t you believe it? Each month, more than 100 million instagram users click on sponsored posts by either large or small influencers. Is now the time to start thinking about it?

Even if you do not have large sums to invest in this type of marketing, there are so many unknown influencers that you will surely find someone with several followers, who will contribute to the promotion of your business without making a huge investment.

Find people who speak to your target group, related to the content of your business. This will make it much easier to attract the niche audience of your business, your specialized and more targeted audience through influencer marketing.

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Live Video Content on Instagram

Live videos are everywhere nowadays. Tik Tok, Twitch, Youtube, all popular platforms use the live video method, including Instagram. Many companies have already found that instagram lives give another dimension and weight to finding and expanding an audience. Why;

Because through instagram lives, you can personally convey the message you want to the interested user. Of course, each of us would feel more familiar seeing the “face” hidden behind a company on the internet and you can achieve this with live videos!

Also, in this way, you become visible to any follower, who due to algorithms etc does not see your posts as often as you would like.

Instagram lives is the tool that helps you gather an audience and communicate your message with them and see practically the amount of traffic that you can record in each phase. For as long as you want, with as many viewers as you want, lives on instagram are what we would call … direct marketing.

Shopping on Instagram

Do you have an instagram account? If so, you will definitely have seen company ads either in stories or in posts, through which you can directly click on the product that appears and be transferred to the link of its purchase. This feature is called “Instagram Shopping” or in Greek “Shopping on Instagram” and is the most powerful tool currently offered by the instagram platform to small and large businesses.

You create an account for your online business, you maintain a beautiful and attractive feed and you follow everything you need to reach followers. Now it’s time for instagram shopping:

  • Create a store in the commerce manager (as suggested by instagram itself)
  • select instagram as the operating platform of your store
  • add your company’s products or services

Once the necessary check is done from instagram and the process is completed, your store is ready. You can configure your product collections exactly as you want, to include all the necessary and attractive information for each product, to use the store label in your stories for promotion but also to give your customers the opportunity to complete purchases directly through Instagram!

Take advantage of every detail and every feature so that you can quickly develop and promote your store. Instagram is there to find your audience, without even searching.

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Instagram Polls in social media marketing

Communication with the public is of the utmost importance in instagram marketing. And what is more direct than asking your followers questions and getting them answered?

Polls is the instagram feature that you should use today! Your audience will engage with your content and your company will look more direct, interesting and interactive. After all, in the biggest brands on instagram, polls are already a habit.

How to use instagram polls smartly to strengthen your brand?

  • make smart and humorous quizzes with your content
  • write interesting information that will impress or shock your audience
  • do customer research. And you will be easier to find out exactly what they want and they will be informed about the product provided by your company
  • Upload visuals, images and videos and ask your followers to vote for their favorite products
  • Discuss current issues (sustainability, climate change, values) etc that are related in one way or another to your services and make polls that will encourage your followers to participate and give an opinion (even by voting for 1 of the 2 suggested options that you have given).
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