How to increase sales through your eShop in 2021

How to increase eShop Sales

In 2021, an eShop is the most powerful tool for a business’ e-Commerce. But in order for it to be profitable, you need constant study and work to record the sales that each company wants.

So it makes perfect sense to wonder:

How do I get my eShop to success?

How do I increase online sales through my eShop?

In one of our previous articles we have analyzed what eShop and e-Commerce exactly are, as well as their importance for a business. We made clear that the process of building an eShop website is not a simple and fast process, as it needs systematic information and redesign, to reach maximum success with a large number of sales.

In this article, we will talk about the ways and methods you can follow to attract more customers and thus increase the number of purchases made through your eShop.

Mini shop cart trolley over a laptop computer on wood table as an eshop example
Mini shop cart trolley over a laptop computer on wood table as an eshop example


The most important process in order to increase your business’ sales through your eShop is to follow practices that will enhance the SEO of the entire website.

SEO means optimizing a website for search engines and we have already talked in detail about the benefits of it for any website in our “all about SEO” article.

However, it is important to put emphasis again on the fact that SEO does help a website rank high in search engine results but also contributes to a better web browsing experience for your customers. 

Thus, with enhanced SEO, your website will be able to get in the top search engine results by increasing its traffic, while visitors will experience an excellent navigation experience, increasing the chances of making a purchase through your website. 

alphabet blocks with SEO word on blue background for eshop
alphabet blocks with SEO word on blue background for eshop

Quality product pages 

In an eShop, what may be “missing” in comparison to a physical store is that the customer is unable to see and touch the product he wants to buy.

So, what a customer really needs in order to have a complete view and opinion on a product is an excellent, user-friendly and detailed page that will include what he wants to know about the products and services your eShop offers.

Here are some ways in which you can optimize your product page. 

Images and videos

A simple and enjoyable way to optimize the pages that present your products to your audience is to enrich your website with qualitative visual content, such as high definition images and videos that will interactively show customers as much of the product as possible. 

Cosmetics beauty products on pink background for eshop
Cosmetics beauty products on pink background for eshop


In parallel with the images, a necessary element that a product or service presentation page should have, are the correct descriptions. The more understandable, clear and detailed are the descriptions with which you will present your products to potential buyers, the more immediate and easy becomes the process and experience of online shopping for them. 

Product recommendations, upsells and cross-sells 

If you visit some of the largest companies’ eShops, you will realize how they systematically follow this practice. It is important to give the customers recommendations in order to continue their purchases, based on the product they have already chosen to buy. 

For example, if your products are clothing items, you could give style tips through images, referring users to see other products similar to the ones they are interested in. Thus, you will be able to increase the average order value per customer. 

Connect with your clients


The internet is full of websites and eShops that aim to reach as many customers as possible and increase their traffic and sales. 

In these competitive conditions, honesty towards the customer plays a key role. If your goal is to increase the sales of your eShop, to gain the trust of customers and to create a permanent and lasting clientele, your work has to be reliable and transparent. 

A significant percentage of those who make regular purchases via the internet, report that before proceeding with a purchase, they are interested in learning about the policies of each company, regarding the return policies of the products, shipping costs, free shipping terms etc. 

Reviews on your eshop

A smart practice to gain impressions and encourage your website visitors to make a purchase through your eShop, is to include in your website reviews from past customers.

Statistically speaking, 60% of customers look for reviews of a product before proceeding to purchase it. At the same time, sales of a product can increase up to 5%, if there is a large number of satisfactory reviews about it.

The comments of satisfied customers will definitely enhance the reliability and quality that as a business you want to show to the public. 

Share your eshop on Social Media!

The power of social media is also felt through the sales of an eShop. More specifically, research has shown how companies without a digital presence on social media, noticed a drop in their sales up to 15%!

You do realise how important it is for an eShop to have a corresponding presence in the social networks in which the majority of internet users have an active profile. 

Through social media, you can provide ways of communication, customer service, or simply promote the content of your website to your audience and followers.

eshop social Media
eshop social Media

Check-out optimisation 

Payment methods

In order to increase the sales of your e-shop, it is necessary to deal with the practical procedures of buying and selling.

More specifically, customers should be able to pay in whatever way is most convenient and feasible for them. By offering more options regarding the method of payment, you facilitate the respective visitor to make a purchase from any device they are connected to the internet and in any way of transactions they have. 

Easy check-out process 

According to research, the highest drop-out rates of an eShop are observed in the stages of transaction. 

Every day, we visit websites and e-shops that undoubtedly complicate the check-out process for each customer. 

Pop-ups, ads, slow loading pages, are just a few of the things that can make a customer leave the site before completing their purchase.

If you do not want to send the consumer to another eShop with better browsing data during the purchase process, you should create the conditions for simple and easy payment, with a few stages of ordering without any form of obstacles and difficulties. 

e-commerce symbol on a computer keyboard, black friday eshop concept.
e-commerce symbol on a computer keyboard, black friday eshop concept.

Price comparing platforms like Skroutz.gr

Another strategy you can follow to increase the sales of your eShop is to use and manage intelligently and correctly price comparison platforms, such as the well-known Skroutz.

Specifically, Skroutz since its inception in 2005, is constantly growing, with its visitors reaching 9 million per month! Consolidating its position in the domestic market (and not only since it has now expanded to foreign markets) it proves daily that it is the number 1 price comparison platform that consumers trust.

In 2021, Skroutz includes most, if not all, stores. This emphasizes how important it is for an eShop that wants to be known to the general public and to reach its maximum sales, to cooperate with this platform, since a huge percentage of customers make their purchases exclusively through it.

In conclusion

The ways in which you can increase sales through your eShop are many and if you apply them in combination, the traffic and sales rates from your online store will increase geometrically.

Always keep in mind that a customer browsing an eShop, since he can not have the help of a seller, has to face the best digital conditions. The aim is to provide him with the simplest, easiest and most comfortable services, with user friendly content that will lead him to a purchase and maybe another visit to your website.

The key to a successful eShop with high sales rates is to make the customer feel like the eShop itself is like the seller of a physical store and that it will be able to reliably provide him with the services of a complete successful shopping experience.

Our article doesn’t end here

As we have already pointed out, a particularly important method for every website and online store of your business, is the constant and systematic updating of its content, even if it has not yet reached the size you want. The important thing is to often post new material and then you can enrich it with new data and relevant information.

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