How to find the best wholesale suppliers for your eShop

How to find the best wholesale suppliers for your eShop

The suppliers of an eShop are a very crucial part for every eShop and necessary for the development and successful course of each business.

Effective cooperation with suppliers presupposes the finding of reliable wholesale companies, which, whether in dropshipping conditions or not, provide complete services at the time required with the maximum goal of absolute customer satisfaction.

Although a few years ago, finding suppliers was done through wholesale sales reports, nowadays in 2021, you can easily search the internet for solutions for your own eShop by choosing a supplier from already well-known and recognized companies worldwide.

Below, we will analyze the issue of searching and selecting reliable wholesale suppliers for each eshop, a process that requires careful research, so that you can be sure that you have made the best and most advantageous choice for your unique eShop.

Determining needs by a supplier

A basic condition for finding the supplier that suits you so that you can properly staff your eShop and be able to practically start the operation of your online business, is to clarify the types of suppliers and the eCommerce business model that you wish to follow.

For example, if you are looking for a wholesale supplier that offers a complete range of products, they take huge orders and “pick up” in their eShop a very wide variety of products from which you can choose as many items (more or less) as you want to operate your own eShop.

On the other hand, if the products you want to provide to your customers meet a more specific and specialized market, you will be able to organize your stock with low cost and fast settlement.

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The biggest platforms to find wholesale suppliers for your eShop

Using the internet, you can easily do productive research and find out about the platforms that provide information for wholesale suppliers, the products they offer, their prices, the volume of orders, etc.

Let’s see in detail the most popular ecommerce platforms that you can browse by looking for suppliers for cooperation for your own eShop.


Alibaba, one of the largest B2B companies in the world, enables businesses to make wholesale purchases at affordable prices, mainly from Asian suppliers. B2C AliExpress is in the same company and in recent years is one of the most dynamic retail platforms in the world, with consumers choosing it for its particularly low prices.

With an extensive product catalog, Alibaba gives the opportunity to many suppliers around the world to promote their products and provide them to interested entrepreneurs.

The main advantage of this company is the fact that for each supplier it provides a detailed evaluation based on which you can judge if each supplier meets the standards and needs of your eShop.

WholeSale Central

For both wholesalers and retailers, Wholesale Central is one of the most well-known B2B solutions for the global market in 2021. With the ability to easily search the detailed product catalogs, with constant offers, ratings and reviews, thousands of traders choose it because of reliable payment terms and orders it offers.

However, most young retailers looking for an easy and straightforward way to get their first deals with suppliers may encounter difficulties within the Wholesale Central system. the somewhat complicated program of the company.

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Although new in the field of wholesale, tundra is a very smart and efficient choice for any new eShop as it offers solutions that may significantly reduce the amount you will have to pay each time you place your orders.

No commissions for intermediaries and suppliers, no extra charges, free shipping on a variety of products, the tundra will soon be one of the most competitive wholesale platforms, along with the Alibaba we analyzed above.

The wide range of products, the exceptional flexibility, the coverage of more than 180 countries but also the provision of test samples of returnable products, are features that justifiably make it one of the most dynamic platforms of 2021.


Another company with the most popular product catalogs for your eShop is DHGate, also Asian. For both retailers and companies based on the dropshipping business model, DHGate provides complete and cost-effective solutions for every new eShop.

The variety in recognized brands, the dropshipping service of suppliers but also the cooperation with big traders, are advantages of DHGate for which it stands out from the other popular wholesale supplier platforms.

Of course, the main feature that defines it as competitive and gives it its position among the 4 largest supplier platforms, is the fact that for most products the minimum order is very low compared to other companies, such as Alibaba.

Find reliable online wholesale suppliers for your eShop

When looking for your partners online, you need to be very careful and suspicious of any risks you may face.

Contact the suppliers you have chosen, ask about the possible existence of intermediaries but also about the steps of the whole process, ask for product samples, discuss offers and different types of products, and generally try to establish a proper and productive communication relationship with people in which you will apply for cooperation.

Regardless of the business model that you will apply for the operation of your own eShop, finding professional suppliers is one of the most important issues that you need to clarify if you want to provide your customers with excellent service through your products.

Trusted partners can determine the success of your eShop and one of the key steps to get started is finding the right supplier. Beyond that, any reliable supplier you have chosen, you can organize the operation of your own online store with the operation of its own eShop and thus through synchronization to have in your hands all the stock you need, reducing losses, deficiencies and service problems.

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