Google My Business Tips and Tricks: What is it and how can it benefit your online company?

Google My Business Tips and Tricks: What is it and how can it benefit for your online company?

In recent years, Google My Business has entered the online business segment, becoming one of the most important tools for promoting any business across the internet.

Despite its gradual growth, however, even today there are still some online businesses that do not know exactly the possibilities and opportunities it can offer.

What does Google My Business do?

Is Google My Business Important For An Online Business?

How can a business use Google My Business properly?

Below, by answering these questions, we will take a look at ways in which a business can develop methods to promote its brand to the public, to be high on the list of companies that utilize Google My Business and to better manage any competitive context.

What is Google My Business (GMB)?

For a start, let’s begin with the basics. Google My Business is one of Google’s most useful platforms. It enables small businesses to climb faster in the SERPs.

Through GMB, a company can provide information that will help all its consumers – customers to contact it, locate its physical store, etc. By filling in the name, phone number, address, type of services, opening hours, reviews, popular visiting hours, links and photos on the Google My Business platform, you create a profile for your business with the necessary information for the convenience of your customers.

Then, after an authentication process through Google, the verified information you provided will be online providing the required information to your interested audience.

Based on this data, Google will now have more information about your company, thus enhancing the ability of your website to rank higher in the results.

woman creating a profile in Google My Business
Using online connect technology for business, education and communication.

How does Google My Business (GMB) work?

Through criteria that Google itself determines, based on user searches, your page may appear higher along with GMB data.

For example, if a user searches for the phrase “Athens car repair shop”, Google will automatically show up in its results, popular companies whose GMB profile will indicate that they are car repair shops and that they are within walking distance of the user. 

How can a business make good use of Google My Business? Tips and tricks

No lie, Google is the number one search engine in the world, both real and digital. According to a relevant research, out of the total number of searches performed on the internet, 80% of them are done through Google. With that in mind, it’s not unreasonable for a company trying to grow online to take advantage of Google’s tools – and for free!

But does everyone know how to properly manage Google My Business, one of the most useful Google platforms for any business?

The answer is obvious. So let’s look at some tips you need to apply in the online presence of your business, to gradually see the difference in the organic results of your website.

Company description

Starting with your company profile on the Google My Business platform, you have already filled in the required basic information. And yet, these are not enough if the description of the respective company is not given. You have the opportunity to develop a detailed descriptive text that enables you to present your business and product more directly to the online audience.

Include all the information that the GMB deems necessary, give the customer the opportunity to better understand the essence of your business and show Google that you have all the features to rank in its first results.

Keywords in GMB profile

As in any other web activity, on the Google My Business platform keywords play a very important role.

keyword for Google My Business
keyword for SEO

Enable your website to boost its SEO in one more way: embed keywords in your company profile on Google My Business and boost your business rankings in the top google results, via keywords in the GMB profile.

High quality product photos

It is important that the GMB listing includes images of the products provided by the company. Especially if the company is based on appearance, presentation and design in general, product images are a necessary addition. And do not forget, high definition images always reach more consumers, as they can present in an elegant and beautiful way what they depict.

At the same time, in case some customers publish photos for the business, a nice idea would be to have a division in a special category called “Customer Photos”.

Google Reviews

In a Google My Business profile, a business’s google reviews are a must-have. Apart from the fact that 87% of users read other customers’ reviews before making a purchase, etc., including a company’s reviews in its GMB profile is a practice that elevates it in the eyes of consumers.

At the same time, the answers to google reviews are necessary. Through them, a more personal style towards the customers is seen and the immediacy and the trust in the customer relations are achieved more easily.

Business categorization

In a GMB profile, a company needs to list the product or service it provides, noting the business category, in order to state the sector that best describes it. For this reason, the Google My Business platform gives businesses a list of 2395 business types, to choose exactly which categories they meet!

It is important to choose more than one relevant category to which your business belongs, so that it appears in more results based on searches with specific tags.

Get started with Google My Business today

Google My Business is the tool that all businesses that want to grow online need to take advantage of immediately.

Google provides the opportunity for any new business that is trying to grow, to take its first steps on the internet for free through GMB and to start charting its online business course.

Especially when it comes to local SEO, Google My Business is the best way for a new company to make its debut, starting with small steps to reach a specific target group / audience based on its location.

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