Domain Authority: tips to increase it in 2022

Domain Authority: tips to increase it in 2022

Domain Authority = website quality.

Have you ever wondered how many factors Google analyzes to evaluate each website and rank it in the right place in its results?

250! Yes, 250 are the factors that determine the quality of a website and of course the more, the better. However, it is obviously quite difficult for a website to score high quality percentages in all these 250 factors.

So what should a website focus on to see if it will rank high in Google results? The Domain Authority!

It is important to note that Google does not use domain authority as an index over the value of a site. Thus, DA is not a direct indicator of the quality that google checks. It is basically a simulator that compares, assumes and evaluates the performance of a website compared to that of the competition.

What is a Domain Authority?

The Domain Authority is a probability score that determines how high a website can rank in SERPs. As an idea and as a practice, it has been developed by the company Moz which is active in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The Domain Authority, the rating that a site receives, ranges from 0 to 100 and the higher the number, the more likely it is that the site will rank in SERPs.

Now, domain authority is not only used by Moz. Other similar companies, such as SEMrush, have developed their own analog systems, through which they analyze traffic data and seo and thus evaluate comparable websites.

Domain word made of square letter word on wooden background.
Domain word made of square letter word on wooden background.

How to determine the domain authority (DA) of a website?

Although no one but Moz itself knows exactly all the data that make up its algorithm, what we already know is that many factors play a very important role in the DA rating of a website.

From the data that Moz itself has revealed, the data that primarily affect the domain authority of a website are the following:

  • the website’s SEO, on-page or on-site SEO, e.g the quality data that have to do with the content of the site and the user experience within it
  • the number of backlinks (also known as inbound links, incoming links, inward links, inlinks) eg the links that are on other websites and lead to ours
  • the relevance and quality of the website that ,through backlinks, leads users to our website, giving “link juice”.

How Important is the Domain Authority for a Website’s SEO?

Although we have come to understand how domain authority is not officially an SEO determinant, it indirectly affects ranking. A high rating domain authority means that the website is overall qualitative, according to the specifications set by search engines, so it also has enhanced SEO. Conversely, when SEO is enhanced on the entire website and on each of its individual pages, then the domain authority is high.

What Domain Authority should a website have?

Very common question, with a very relevant answer. Domain authority is not something that can be described as good or bad, nor is it something specific. It is a rating that helps a website to understand its progress with probabilities,  trying to improve its rankings and exceed the competition.

If your competitors have a DA between 50 and 60, your website needs to score 65+ to overtake them in the rankings.

Of course, based on Moz data, the following is theoretically true:

  • A website with a domain authority between 40 and 50 is considered sufficient but average
  • Website with domain authority between 50 and 60 collects a good rating
  • Website with domain authority 60+ is considered excellent with a high chance of appearing in the first results of search engines, depending on the competition
Domain name
Domain name

Why was the Domain Authority of my website reduced?

Like everything on the internet, domain authority is never something stagnant, there is no “cushion”. Again according to Moz, there are actually some reasons that negatively affect the domain authority, causing this rating to gradually decrease. Who are they;

  • backlinks from pages that are not qualitative or do not comply with the general rules of Google
  • reduced content since the last DA update of the website
  • bad seo practices (such as keyword stuffing etc.)
  • the backlinks the site receives (its backlinks profile) have not been recognized by web crawlers
  • decreased value, quality, domain authority rating on the pages provided by the backlinks
  • changes to Moz algorithms
  • The site has a very low DA rating and is heavily influenced by fluctuations in Moz rating scale.

How can I check the Domain Authority of my website?

The easiest and most effective way to check the domain authority of your website is to use the free Moz tool. Enter the URL of the website you want to examine and you will immediately have the domain authority of the site and other useful relevant information.

Also, to be able to control the DA of any site you visit, you just need to install the also free Moz tool, MozBar Google Chrome plugin. As you surf the internet and visit websites, through this tool you see real data and statistics that affect and explain the domain authority of each site.

Big Data Domain Web Page SEO Concept
Big Data Domain Web Page SEO Concept

How to increase the domain authority of your website in 2022

  • On-page SEO practices for enhancement and quality results
  • Backlinks again backlinks, with care to be sure of quality and not to damage, instead of strengthening the domain authority of the page
  • exclusion of dubious sources links
  • promotion of guest blogging
  • backlink profile optimization (better more variety in quality sources than few sources and uncontrolled backlinks)
  • quality updated content, constantly
  • promoting content on social media
  • page load optimization speed
  • social media marketing to enhance reach on social media
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