Branding vs Logo: Do ​​you know the difference between them?

Branding vs Logo: Do ​​you know the difference between them?

We all pretty much know what a Logo is.  All the time, we notice the biggest logos in the world and immediately recognize the companies behind them. But do we all know that the logo is not the same as what is called “branding”? If you have been involved in the marketing part for a while, you have definitely come across this term and you are very likely to wonder:

Are logos and branding the same thing for a business?

And if not, what is the difference between branding and logo?

Below, let’s see together the most useful information both for the branding part of a company, and for the field of logo design, the so-called logo.

What is a brand?

Let’s start from the basics. To give the essence and importance of branding, we must first analyze what a brand is. The term “brand” means the whole idea, the point of view, the image that the public gets when they hear about a company. 

It may sound vague, but everyone can understand it, because we all have an opinion (good or bad) about every company we know. The brand name (e.g. Channel, Coca Cola, Ikea), the products, the logo, the partners, the concept, the advertising strategies, all these compose in the mind of the consumer a specific profile of feelings and opinions for each company. This profile is the brand, in short.

After all, according to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and one of the richest and most successful entrepreneurs in the world, “Your brand is what others say about you when you are not in the room.”

Laptop Technology Corporate Business Teamwork Branding Concept
Laptop Technology Corporate Business Teamwork Branding Concept

What is a Company’s Logo?

The existence of logos in our lives and their power for a company is a big issue in the business world. The logo is essentially the identity of a company. It is a visual tool through which the content and the character of the company are presented to the consumer public. It is undoubtedly one of the ways that every business uses to become familiar, accessible and interesting to the public, thus overcoming the competition.

What is logo designing?

Depending on the above, logo design is the whole process of designing a company’s logo. A simple design is not enough for a logo to be successful. What color suits the style of the company and creates nice emotions in the viewer? Which font best matches the identity of the company? A thousand and minor (but crucial) details must be taken into account by a specialized and experienced graphic designer in order to create a dynamic logo that will “speak” to the consumer public.

So, what is branding and what are its differences with the logo?

As we have already analyzed in a previous article, branding is essentially the way one manages their brand, the identity of their business. The packaging of the products, the way of promotion and advertising, the communication with the public, the employee models, the social media marketing, the experience that the website visitors receive, all need smart strategies to be efficient and functional for the public and obviously for the company. These practices are, in other words, branding.

What does the branding include?

The branding practices mentioned above are related to many factors that make up a company’s brand. In general, for a complete and successful branding you should pay attention to the following:

  • setting business objectives and ways to achieve them
  • brand identity (brand name, logo etc.)
  • Marketing and advertising (online marketing, social media, influencers, print advertising, etc.)
  • Sponsorships, collaborations
  • Packaging (eg personalized to each customer)
  • Customer service
  • Customer experience from the store and from the website
  • Privacy Policies, pricing policies etc.

Why is branding important for my business?

In many business sectors, competition is what determines the success or failure of all companies, especially those with the same type of product. How can a company declare its position in the industry and stand out from the competition? Of course, with the right branding. In a world full of marketing, advertising and brands, dynamic branding moves are what will create the impression and experience that every company would like to offer and win its own target group.

Branding vs Logo

As we analyzed the terms “logo” and “branding”, the difference between them is clear. The logo is simply the external image, the design that a company represents, while branding is all the obvious and intangible processes, material and abstract that make up the whole company, everything that it stands for and does.

In other words, the logo is just a visual part of branding that makes the biggest impression. But we must not forget that the logo alone could not stand anywhere, without representing something deeper.

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