Advertising on Facebook and Instagram: a complete guide for every business in 2021

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram: a complete guide for every business in 2021

2.27 billion. This is the number of active user accounts on one of the largest social medium, Facebook.

$ 60 million. That’s how much Facebook earns from ads, only annually!

So, if you think that nowadays Facebook is the “outdated” social media and advertising on it will not bring any significant results to your company … then, for your business’ sake, keep reading.

In this detailed article, we will talk about Facebook ads, active users and how to effectively reach them and we will also answer several questions that we are often asked to answer, such as:

Are Facebook Ads worth it?

Are there still people who click on ads on Facebook?

How do I set up a successful Facebook ad campaign to promote my products?

Like time for facebook and Instagram content
Like time for facebook and Instagram content

How does a Facebook ad work?

The main real purpose of Facebook Ads is to show what the advertising company wants in front of its ideal audience. Thus, these ads are mostly defined based on the message that is promoted to the audience and the active users who are most likely to be interested.

That’s why facebook ads can be found and seen in many different types – with each company choosing the best and most profitable one for its product and services.

A company can easily promote through Facebook its own website, as well as separate pages and posts, even if facebook generally tries to keep the traffic to its own site at a high level, without easily redirecting on other sites.

How do I set up the right Facebook ad campaign for my company?

In order to formulate the ideal Facebook ads strategy so as to promote the content you want directly to the interested audience through one of the largest networking platforms nowadays, you need serious preparation and targeted planning.

Create a Facebook and Instagram page

If you want to get the desired results through Facebook Ads, what you have to make for your company is a dynamic page. A page that makes the most of every useful feature provided by Facebook and the way it works, in order to create an attractive facebook presence and corresponding content.

The first step a business should make so as to form and implement a Facebook ads campaign is to create a quality facebook page. In this page, the appearance and design (profile photo with the company logo) plays a major role in combination with the company-related content posted on a systematic basis with a redirect to the official website and the control of statistical data that reveal the users’ preferences. 

Robot professor explains the essence of the concept of social media advertising. facebook and instagram ads
Robot professor explains the essence of the concept of social media advertising.

Targeted audience

After you’ve created your company’s ideal Facebook page, what you may be wondering is whether the public that will be interested in your products and services is active on social media and specifically in the one we are talking about in this case, Facebook.

According to surveys and statistics that get updated annually, as mentioned above, Facebook holds one of the top positions among the most popular and most successful social media. This way, each age group is largely represented by the majority of users who are registered as Facebook users. Therefore, the ideal audience for you is definitely on Facebook ready to see and click on your business’ ads. And if you are still not convinced, you can take a look here.

facebook and instagram audience

How do I create well-targeted Facebook ads?

Based on studies and experiences of various entrepreneurs whose Facebook advertising strategies failed, one of the biggest mistakes companies make daily is the application of wrong and / or scrapy ways in order to target their ideal audience.

Facebook provides a wide variety of factors that make it easier and simple to clarify the audience that each company should target for increasing conversions. Specifically, through Facebook, all companies are given the opportunity to publish their content in a public category based on data such as:

  • the location (city, country, postal code)
  • interests (with a broad subject, or more specifically)
  • gender, language, age and work (of users who have already become customers and interact via facebook, with the aim of the best and most organized targeted advertising strategy)

while at the same time, an ad on Facebook can also target the ideal for the company audience through:

  • Marketplace
  • groups on Facebook

Custom-made Facebook ads

Based on the above data, one of the most effective practices that you can use for maximum success is to apply Facebook ads differently for your audience’s respective categories.

For example, if your ideal audience is mostly young people involved in extreme sports, you can create different ads for each category of popular extreme sports. One ad for bungee jumping, one for climbing, one for skydiving, etc. Each of these ads will appear to people who have stated that they are interested in one of these sports.

What determines a quality ad through Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads Images

It is not difficult to understand the dynamics of a high quality, high resolution image in an online advertisement. Use attractive, beautiful, high quality and unique images and forget about images from Google, as you may not be able to use them legally due to copyright.

Here are some ways to create quality images for Facebook ads that meet your business goals and get Facebook users to click on the ad:

  • Use clear, legible text that stands out.
  • Play with the words and text of the ad, think of clever and funny tricks that win the reader over.
  • According to statistics, ads on facebook depicting people make a great first impression and create a more direct relationship between the user and the company.

Text facebook ads

After creating the right image for an ad on Facebook, the second step but equally important as the first one, is the text that will accompany your post. Within a few characters you are asked to state what you are promoting in a way that will convince the user that the website behind the ad is worth a visit.

With a clever and eccentric title, with small but targeted descriptions of the advertised product and with verbal encouragement to click the window (eg “You are just a click away” or “Enter now!” Or even “Catch the offer” and .a.), you can create the text that will power the ad.

Bidding Strategies 

Based on the ad prices suggested by Facebook or the one you will choose and set, you can determine the amount of money that will contribute in enhancing your ads success and in making profits related to your page’s traffic through Facebook Ads. 

In the first place, you can set a low bid price until you see the first results and decide which bidding strategy is the most effective in increasing conversions without spending too much on cost per conversion. 

Landing Page 

As with any other online activity related to digital advertising, the web page that the user will be transferred to as soon as they click on the ad plays a key role. 

So on Facebook, after gaining the user’s interest using the right ad, if you don’t have the qualitative and user-friendly website that is required, you will definitely lose all your visitors before gaining conversions. 

The website your visitors will browse after clicking on your ad should make them want to subscribe to your newsletter and create a user account, by giving them the opportunity to navigate easily and quickly in a user-friendly environment, without feeling that your page is full of irrelevant content. 

Facebook Ads still in the spotlight

As we said before, anyone who believes that facebook is one of the most outdated and unpopular social media of 2021 in which it is not worth investing in an advertising campaign, they’ve got the wrong idea.

Even today, in 2021, facebook is one of the most successful advertising sources for the majority of online businesses, being a highly flexible and globally accessible digital marketing platform.

Yes, it may take some time until you see the maximum results through Facebook ads, but this is the harsh reality in any other online advertising platform, including social media. The smart move is to get started. The process will show (and highlight) who makes the best use of the tool called Facebook. 

Our article doesn’t end here

As we have already pointed out, a particularly important method for every website and online store of your business, is the constant and systematic updating of its content, even if it has not yet reached the size you want. The important thing is to often post new material and then you can enrich it with new data and relevant information.

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