7 Instagram Fails and How to Avoid Them

7 Instagram Fails and How to Avoid Them

We all want to impress our followers through a post that we will publish on our instagram profile, in order to gain as many loyal followers as possible, strengthening the engagement of our account.

However, in our attempt to attract the instagram audience, there are some mistakes that we do not notice and as a consequence we earn the opposite results.

In this article, we have gathered the most common mistakes that we should all avoid.

Half length shot of two girls with instagram like icon. Outdoor photo of female models using shopping cart
Half length shot of two girls with social media icon. Outdoor photo of female models using shopping

7 Instagram Fails In a few words,

In this article as instagram fails, we refer to:

  • the excessive use of hashtags,
  • the publication of low quality photos,
  • the sharing of content at random times,
  • the unorganized instagram feed,
  • the habit of spamming,
  • ingoring comments written by our followers
  • and the use of auto-post applications.

If you want to know the reasons why these practices should be avoided, keep reading.

Social media addiction
Social media addiction

Excessive use of instagram hashtags

First of all, the word hashtag means the use of the sharp symbol (#) in the caption of the post, in combination with words that categorize its content, on a specific topic. The goal of hashtags is to increase the instagram audience, in order for users to find, easily and quickly, posts that are related to the topics that are interesting to them.

However, despite the advantages of hashtags, their excessive use brings the opposite results with the users unfollowing our instagram profile.

instagram post with Excessive use of hashtags

There is a limit to the number of hashtags we can add to a post and this number is 30. If we exceed this number and “tag” every possible word we can think of, we will not achieve the desired engagement. We will not have a loyal and dedicated audience. In addition to this, the use of irrelevant hashtags that are not related to our post will cause similar behaviors and as a result, our followers will be decreased.

What we need to do is use popular hashtags that are directly related to the content of the posts we upload. In fact, it is better to use a few hashtags that are improving the SEO, rather than 25 popular ones that only offer a few more likes.

Finally, a good technique is to use 3-4 hashtags in the caption and the rest to be added on the first comment of our post.

Sharing posts at randoms times 

It is important to upload content to instagram when our audience is active, because the random publication of our posts will neither increase our followers nor their loyalty.

On the contrary, if we publish posts while our audience is more active, we strengthen the engagement. Once instagram notices this success, it will upload our post to the highest users feed. At the same time, our posts will appear on the instagram page “Explore”, on the page of “exploration”, increasing the commitment to our publication. However, in order to find the ideal time when most users will be active, we must use the analysis tools that are being provided by instagram and experiment based on the data we will receive.

Finally, according to research on instagram 1 billion people use the application, with an average of devoting at least 28 minutes a day, so for one thing we can be sure about, that at the right time our posts can “take off”.

Selfie time - Sharing posts at randoms times
Selfie time

Uploading instagram posts with low quality

Instagram is based on images, aesthetics and the ideal way in which we present our content. The reason it was created is to give users the opportunity to share their beautiful photos. That is why users have a habit of following profiles with cute and pleasant aesthetics.

There is no space on instagram for blurry, shaky and generally low quality photos and videos. On the contrary, the posts we publish in our profile should providegive a pleasant atmosphere to the users, in order for them to follow our profile.

In fact, if we do not have much time to upload a proper and quality content, we can use the photos, videos and reviews of our followers, who have shared images in their profiles about our products and services (user generated content).

Finally, this process is getting us closer with our audience, strengthening their trust.

Unorganized instagram feed

Instagram feed is the home page of our profile, which includes on the one hand the content we publish and on the other hand provides us with the opportunity to connect with people we are most interested in.

Make this chaos count, refering to instagram unorganized feed
Make this chaos count!
devseg well organized instagram feed

So, it is important to pay attention to the overall picture of our feed. The photos we have uploaded must match each other, not only in colors but also in shadows as well as in the aesthetics and filters we use.

On the other hand, unrelated photos, without good quality, aesthetics and matching colors, create a completely chaotic environment for the user, who will not devote time to this instagram profile.

Finally, a well-organized instagram feed can attract many followers, who will trust the profile, increasing the engagement.


Excessive posting of content from one account and also the constant sharing of photos and videos from the same event, irritates the followers and makes them unfollow the specific profile.

In fact, if we upload so often, Instagram will punish us by making our posts appear to fewer people.

So, if we need to upload many similar photos in a short time, it is better for everyone to publish them all together in a common post.

More specifically, instagram offers us the opportunity to use the slideshow post, in which we select as many photos as we want and share them all together, without constantly bothering our followers.

Finally, it seems that posting content on instagram requires that we do it with caution. 

Girl lying on the carpet
Girl lying on the carpet

No responding on comments

Interacting with our followers is one of the most important habits we all need to have, if we want to strengthen engagement and at the same time create a strong audience.

Essentially, the reason why we publish content on our profile is both to inform our followers and to attract new ones.

So, it is a mistake to think that once we post a photo or a video on our profile, our job is done. Responding to our follower’s comments is an equally important process.

If we choose to ignore our user’s comments, we will “lose” them, by unfollowing us. Not responding to their comments is a sign that we do not appreciate them.

In conclusion,we must answer as many comments as we can, in order to show our audience that we are really interested in contacting them.

Auto-post applications 

Auto-post applications allow users with professional profiles to automatically publish their content.

It is a very good solution for those who do not have enough time, isn’t it? 

Apparently yes, this is the ideal choice for those who do not want to publish photos and videos to their account on their own.

However, instagram does not fully agree with them, because it considers such applications by third-party software, illegal to use, as the accounts must be protected from possible threats.

In fact, in this case it is common for instagram to limit the user’s actions for a period of time, by shadowbanning the profile. At the same time, the application makes it difficult for new users to find the instagram profile and follow it.

Robot professor explains the essence of the concept of social media. auto posting robot for instagram and facebook
Robot professor explains the essence of the concept of social media.

To upload our post, we have to “click” on the post button ourselves.

For this reason, there are some applications that send us a push notification the moment they prepare to upload our photo, in order for us to complete the publication on our own.

However, instagram allows the use of auto-post applications, but only through Facebook.

In conclusion,

Apparently, posting on instagram is a process that must be done with great caution in order to increase our engagement and followers.

This is the reason why it is important to avoid excessive use of hashtags, which are not directly related to the content of our post, the sharing of photos and videos during hours when our audience is not active and the publication of low quality content.

Finally, we must avoid unorganized feed, in which there is no common theme or similar aesthetic, the habit of spamming, ignoring the comments made by our followers and the use of auto-post applications.

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